Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to be a part of a Vineyard Church to join?

A: No – we want anyone who supports this move towards justice to join us!

Q: If I join and I’m a part of a Vineyard church, does this mean that I’m committed to leaving?

A: No – it means that you’re feeling connected to us or supportive of us as we leave. But you may or may not feel it is appropriate to stay a part of the Vineyard in your own context.

Q: Are any donations expected as part of this?

A: No! (If a specific project emerges that requires some funds we might link to a crowdfunding site at that time, but that is not planned at this time. Now we do! Check here.)

Q: Was St. Croix Vineyard specifically targeted or asked to leave as an individual church?

A: No. We asked the leadership to “make a big enough table” for us to stay a part of things while being an affirming church and this was specifically denied. There is no room for a “diversity of practice” and churches like ours that couldn’t conform were asked to “step away” and stop using the name Vineyard.

Q: Will our names and emails be used for any other purpose?

A: No. We will not pass on your email addresses and will only use them for communication about this specific project. (And we won’t share frequent updates – so please do check in here occasionally if you’re curious.)

Q: Do I need to be Canadian?

A: No! We’re hoping that people around the world will stand with us.

Jesus with rainbow shawl